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Happy Rockin’ New Year!
Hannu Lepisto’s HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE still in ”New & Noteworthy” in Finland! And yo-yoing on the album charts. If You haven’t already have it, get it from here:

jpeg8.1.2014 New & noteworthy alternative iTunes Finland
More interviews under way!

From California: A brand new interview from Invaders Asylum: With the latest release of "Have A Beautiful Life" you will not be disappointed,"
Hannu Lepiston ”Have A Beautiful Life” esittelyssä Suomen iTunesin alternative kategoriassa uudet ja mielenkiintoiset (New & Noteworthy - most sold) jo kuudetta päivää!!
HWRiTunes Alternative Uudet ja mielenkiintoiset - new and noteworthy myydyimmät - most sold 18.12.2013
5/5!! GREAT review of ”Have A Beautiful Life” at VENTSMag by Noel Heart Author here. ....It is an amazing album, there is no doubt this album can be counted amongst the best albums”.
- See more at: http://ventsmagazine.com/have-a-beautiful-life-by-hannu-lepisto/#sthash.aT2zVXg4.dpuf

Hannu’s Interview at cool BloodArt (Poland)

Hannu Lepiston debyyttialbumi nousi suoraan ykköseksi iTunesin Alternative albumilistalla
ja parhaimmillaan nro. 10 kaikissa kategorioissa julkaisupäivänään 10.12.2013 Suomessa.

Homeward Records Oy’n viimeisin julkaisu Hannu Lepiston ”Have A Beautiful Life” ponkaisi
heti julkaisupäivänään iTunesin Suomen alternative kategorian albumilistan ykköseksi
ja kipusi parhaimmillaan kymmenenneksi kaikissa kategorioissa.
Haastattelupyynnöt ja muut yhteydeydenotot tervetulleita alla oleviin kontakteihin.

Homeward Records Oy,
Omistaja, Toimitusjohtaja, Kustannus, A&R
Markku J. Lepistö
puh. +35840 7339820
e-mail: markku.lepisto@homewardrecords.net, lepistorama@gmail.com

Hannu Lepisto
puh. +35840 1944672
e-mail: hannu.lepisto@gmail.com


Album release and a lil’ surprise bomb!
Debut Solo LP straight to #1 in iTunes Alternative Album Charts in Finland, Top Ten Overall!

Homeward Records Oy's latest release HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE by HANNU LEPISTO
broke the top ten for all iTunes genres on its release date (December the
10th) and is holding at #1 on iTunes Alternative charts for Finland.

#1 in iTunes Alternative Album Charts in Finland

Release available also now via Hannu’s official site @ band camp here: http://hannuofficial.bandcamp.com
and @ Hannu’s Reverbnation profile here.
And please check out the great album review in ”Crack In Reality”, Poland.

Have A Beautiful Life charted #1 on CKCUFM 93.1 (Canada) for week of Dec 2-8.2013!


Please follow Hannu on Twitter (click the link)
To get the newest release / streaming places like myspace, band camp... Every day something new!


Now You can buy the new Single from Amazon.com / AmazonMP3!

For US customers!
And the album the 10th day!


Please check out www.hannuofficial.de

Now Homesite in Germany as well. Thanks goes to amazing German artist, DJ...Jutta Gabriel!


New songs streaming + Album Listening Party on @CKCU-FM @evsunderground 2 new songs are up for your streaming enjoyment. One will be available for sale as a single tomorrow as previously advertised. The other is track 2 from the album - Abuse Me To Soothe Me. Album drops next week! Stay tuned for new songs streaming throughout the week! Listening party on CKCU-FM on e.V.'s Underground, in hour 3, between 4-5 am Tuesday eastern time. Crazy time you say? Yes but never fear! They have an on-demand service ==>> you can listen when you like after the broadcast!!!. www.ckcufm.com www.evsunderground.com Please tell your friends if you like the music and send links!!

Homeward Records is proud to announce:

First single ”I Wanna Walk All Night” will be out December the 3rd at the Reverbnation and SoundCloud!
iTunes and other digistores will follow!
You can buy, listen, share etc. the single from Hannu’s Reverbnation site here and listen it at Hannu’s Soundcloud site here.


New LP, "Have A Beautiful Life" to be released before Xmas


New full length album on the way! After delays due to some production + health issues HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE is almost here! The first single and video will be out before Xmas.

"Have A Beautiful Life" is mastered by Matthew Agoglia, at his new mastering studio THE RANCH.   He has mastered albums for Emmylou Harris, James Taylor and Biffy Clyro and many other artists.   Along with Howie Weinberg, Matthew  was involved with mastering  the debut solo EP "Run Away With Me" when he was with Masterdisc. 
Have A Beautiful Life features the percussion talents of Michael Blair (Lou Reed; Tom Waits; Elvis Costello; Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band;) on several tracks.. Blair also produced & drummed on Lepisto's debut solo EP “Run Away With Me”.


Check Out Hannu ” a great artist to look for” @ cool Californian INVADERS ASYLUM


WSOYpro/Docendo publishing, Hannu Lepisto and Homeward Records Oy celebrate the release of Olli Pirhonen's book & DVD "Maailman Valloittajat" (Veikka Gustafsson, Thomas Johanson, Timothy Kopra) with a free mp3 giveaway!   For a limited time, you can download the title track of the DVD.  To get your copy of  "Conquerors Of The World" (by Hannu Lepisto), please click here: http://www.docendo.fi/media/Conquerors_Of_The_World.mp3

The book & DVD are being released on September 15th.  The release’s after party will be held the same day at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski, Helsinki, during Hannu and his great new band’s gig.  Doors open at 19.00 and the show starts 21.30.  SUPER surprise also at the gig!

You can find info and trailer about the book&dvd here (in Finnish) @
And the dvd of the book is in English - so pre-order Your copy now!

Press release in Finnish: (edit 1.12.2013 Hannu’s official websites are www.hannuofficial.info and www.hannulepisto.com)


Hannu is now #1 on The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Countdown! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please keep voting for Hannu!! http://lnk.ms/N7rsJ


Hannu is now Number. 7 on "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"! You can vote Hannu here http://soc.li/E8fSHPH

Check out Shaz’s interview with ”Finland’s Hannu” @ great Inclinationonline.com

"Run Away With Me" EP - Out Now in iTunes and cdbaby!
itunes logo

Hannu Lepisto: Run Away With Me

Hannu is featured artist @ great rockin’ Sixx Promotion!

Hannu is featured artist @ http://arenacast.randrworld.com/2011/03/featured-artist-inteview-hannu-lepisto.html Check the interview as well!


-New Song And Video-

"Wild Girl" is the Final version of the song.
"Run Away With Me" - EP is finally really soon to be ready to be released. Due to many many many fantastic questions and messages about posting more songs - we decided to release yet another pre-release from the forhcoming EP.

Unlike "Run Away With Me" in Myspace and Youtube -
"Wild Girl" is the Final version of the song. Please have a listen, share (grab some cool widgets from Hannu’s reverbnation site) and buy. Ringtones now also available!


Official Hannu Reverbnation Store Now Open! Shirts and store designed by magnificent German artist and painter Jutta Gabriel.



Hannu Lepisto has been on front page of myspace for many weeks (at least here in Finland) and does rocket rising in Reverbnation: Now he is number 89 on ReverbNation Alternative charts Globally and 1.in Fi Alternative. and 5.in All genres in Finland!
Global(all genres):1552(+94) And all this with one song!
Take a look what others are saying of ”There Is Angel For Everyone”: - You can find the single in iTunes!

Hannu Lepisto - creating huge buzz - topping so high as Nr. 2 in Reverbnation’s HOT Alternative artists Globally. And Hannu is Nr. 2 Of Alternative artists in Finland. And number 13 in all categories in Finland!
Check Hannu’s profile here @ http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/hannulepisto

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hannu Lepisto
Interview - No.1 in the German and Finnish myspace blog music category!!! And No.1 in all categories in Finland and No.3 in all cats. in Germany!! -12th of December

Interview...No.16.one world.let's talk about.Interview with Hannu Lepisto by Jutta Gabriel http://lnk.ms/GFdWX


Hannu Lepisto’s
”There Is An Angel For Everyone”-single
OUT NOW in iTunes as a pre-release of the forthcoming ”Run Away With Me” - EP! GET YOURS NOW!

"There Is An Angel For Everyone"

Music: Hannu Lepistö
Lyrics: Hannu Lepistö
Arrangement: Hannu Lepistö / Petteri Mård / Michael Blair / Ulf Rockis Ivarsson

Hannu Lepistö: vocals, acoustic guitar 
Michael Blair: pump organs
Ulf Rockis Ivarsson: slide guitar
Produced by: Michael Blair, Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson, Hannu Lepistö, and Petteri Mård
Mixed by: Ollie Olson, Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson and Michael Blair
Recorded by: Ulf Rockis Ivarsson and Petteri Mård
Recorded at BUC Centre of Sound (Stockholm, Sweden) and Mård Studio (Helsinki, Finland)
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, (New York City, U.S.A.)
Executive producer Michael Blair and Markku J. Lepistö.

Cover design: Hannu Lepistö and Jutta Gabriel (painting)

Homeward Records Oy 
Jutta Gabriel

Read Hannu’s blog ”New York New York” here.

Hannu’s debut out in digistores worldwide soon.

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Read Hannu’s newest blog here.

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